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Website Design and Internet Marketing Frequently Asked Questions
  Web Site Design Tampa Fl Internet Marketing JCR Enterprise Website Development Companies Search Engine Optimization Florida   The following information may be helpful in gaining some basic website design knowledge: This basic understanding can help you best utilize your time and have a productive and cost effective experience in "Going Live" with your business on the worldwide web.

1. What do I need to do to get a web site designed, & up and running (on the world wide web) for my business?

Hire a knowledgeable, reputable website design firm who can manage all aspects of getting your design on-line. There are a vast number of "webpage designers," with a wide variety of experience, reliability, quality and pricing. You are making a decision that can greatly enhance your business if you choose wisely.  If a designer can't provide you with a solid background and a reference websites then you may wish to reconsider.

Company stability of the web design firm you select and hire is a key success factor. 
2. What level of skills are needed to design a website?

Relatively speaking, the complexity of programming needed to design, program and host a site is much more complex than  designing a newsletter or brochure.  Web design is very time consuming when a credible and quality job is done. The entire breadth, timeline and budget of the project is dependent upon the specific design requirements.

Web design with SEO is often a much more cost efficient means for companies to promote their businesses, when compared to "traditional" types of advertising.  How often do you "fast forward" through the commercials when you are watching a program that you recorded on TV?  When you are driving on Dale Mabry in Tampa, or U.S. 19 in Pinellas county, are you looking at where you are going, or at the billboards that display ads of various businesses?  Do you turn on your "Pop Up Blocker" when you are surfing the internet to block the sometimes annoying pop up advertisements?

Website designs can be formatted for JCR Enterprise to update for your firm, or for your company to update and revise as per your on-going business needs. 
3. What are the fundamental services needed to develop and "go live" with a website?

Basically, you need 3 elements, and a quality design firm may provide all of them to you as a service:

Web design - The actual programming, text content, graphics, pictures, etc. that formulate the appearance and content of what is seen on your site (to a viewer of the site).  SEO techniques are used to elevate search engine rankings as well.

Website (Domain) Name - "www.yourcompany.com" is an example. It is the actual internet address of your site, so that viewers can type it into an internet address bar and find you.

Web site Hosting - This is the computer service that actually projects your site onto the worldwide web and makes it "viewable" to the general public, so that by typing in your website (domain) name, an viewer can then see your Web Design (Website).
4. What is a realistic website budget or price?

In most cases, a website budget or cost to develop is a factor of: how many website pages comprise your design, how many photos or graphics are included, how much actual text content, and what e-commerce or special functions / options that may be needed.  SEO (search engine optimization) needs may also play a role. 

Most importantly, web design, search engine optimization and internet marketing is often much more cost effective and credible, compared to some advertising strategies such as:  yellow page advertisements, online banner ads and pop-ups, TV, radio, mass mailings, billboards, etc.

Special functionality may include, for example, database integration, password client log-in, SSL encryption, etc.  The goal is to provide a comprehensive, but cost-streamlined website to you. In order to provide the most cost-effective solution, a "Project Cost" model (rather than price/hour) is used to budget for web development projects.

5. What should I take into consideration when deciding what company to hire for website design services?

Sometimes, individuals who are computer literate believe that they can design and mange a site on their own.  Or they may think they can quickly come up to speed on SEO techniques by reading a book or taking a course in the subject. These websites may not function as they should and may "fall short" in visual appearance. 

When you research who you may hire to design or develop your website, ask who will be working on the project.  Find out if the person is an employee of the company, or a "intern" who may be gone in 3 months time.  What are their specific credentials and education in this field?  What are their written communication skills?  Is the website designer local, U.S. based or are they "offshore." 

Rather than attempt to design and develop a website design on your own, JCR Enterprise will manage the project for your company from start to finish. 

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