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‘It is an understatement to say that I’m impressed and pleased and surprised to see how many orders we have gotten from our new website. The last quarter was the best we have had in a very long time. And virtually all of our business has been from leads that have come from companies that found us on the internet."

Lane Rickman, President
Alpha Business Communications, Inc.
Tampa, Florida
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  Telecommunications Contractor Web Design

"I just got off the phone with a client that was visiting our new website. He was raving about how clear and concise the site is. He owned a software company at one time and said that our website is really was one of the best sites he has ever seen. He was most impressed."

United Capital Funding Corp.
St. Petersburg, Florida

“You have under promised and over-delivered! If everyone delivered their service the way you have it would be an awesome world.”

D. Homa, CCFC, President
Fountainhead Funding, Inc.
St. Petersburg, Florida

“What a fantastic job on our website. The compliments are still rolling in.” “The website looks outstanding. Thank you for making us look so good….you’ve been so easy to work with.”

Infants and Young Children of West Central Florida
Tampa, FL
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Children's Services Web Design

"Your SEO services are very effective in getting my company's product high in the search engine rankings."

Munther Alaiwat MD, Northline Women's Health Center
Director Robotic Surgery Education at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital
Greater Detroit Area, Michigan

“You cannot believe the traffic I am getting and the jobs as well. What fun it has been and how much people really use the internet has become apparent. I love it! I cannot thank you enough. You did a lot of hard work on this and I am truly thrilled. Thank you so much for all your hard work, and especially your patience with me.”

Phyllis Eig, Owner
Phyllis Eig and Associates
St. Petersburg, FL

“Very rarely in this world does a professional deliver what they advertise. The development of my website was a joy. The site expressed my message with the feel and direction I wanted. You were able to take my words and dreams and put them in a format that told the story of Furnari and Associates. Thank you for a job well done and more than that thank you for helping me put together our dream.”

Jay Furnari, President
Furnari and Associates, Inc.
Tampa, Florida

Internet marketing, web design and search engine optimization clients of JCR Enterprise include the following business segments: Aviation, Business Finance, Commercial and Residential Contractors, Network Cabling and Telephony, Food Production, Legal and Law, Banking, Real Estate, Medical, Dental, Healthcare, Fitness and Sports, Telecommunications, Convention and Corporate Events Services, and Consumer Retail Companies.
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Joanne C. Roach, President
  JCR Enterprise, Inc
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Joanne Roach, President of JCR Enterprise, is the sole individual who works with all clients of JCR Enterprise and develops (in their entirety) internet marketing, web design or management business consulting programs.

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